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New New Pet Toggle (at 29-04-20)

New Change Time FW Toggle (at 27-04-20)

New Edit Max Stack Toggle (at 14-03-20)

New New Avatar Toggle (at 06-03-20)

New New Model Switch Toggle (at 26-02-20)

New New Update FGW Toggle (at 08-01-20)

New New Model Switch Toggle (at 22-12-19)

New New Update Chin Toggle (at 11-12-19)

New New Scroll Plus Toggle (at 06-12-19)

New New Wing Acc Toggle (at 05-12-19)

New New Update Game Toggle (at 03-12-19)

Fortress War

Jangan: dummy

Bandit: dummy

Hotan: SuddenDeath

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Players online: 123/1000

Server Legend-Sro: Online


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Balance of current online Characters