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Welcome to the best silkroad private server
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New Update V.1.636

Happy New Year

Update Today

- Add 10 New Avatars

- Add New Glow Weapon

Have Fun All

New Honor System

Honor System By So-Ok Can Get For Scroll Honor Point From So-Ok . Can Get For Honor Buff When Use Scroll Honor Point

Honor System Reset Every Day 1 & 16

New Update :-

Add New 22 Avatars

Add New Scroll Change Shield Model

Add Scroll Honor Point In So-Ok

Photo Avatars On Discrod Or Page FB Game

Discount 50% On Full Account

- ( Package Legend-Sro VIP )------------>
(2 Weapon & Shield & Set & Acc) +35 & Angel Devil S 40% & Flag 9/9 & Premium 30% + Full Scroll = 100LE OR $10 USD

This Offer 50% End Soon

Legend Sro Model D37 Silkroad Online

Legend Sro Model D37 Silkroad Online