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Welcome to the best silkroad private server
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Legend Sro Model D37 Silkroad Online

Legend Sro Model D38 Silkroad Online

New Update V.1.1647

Add New Devil

Add New Avatars In Npc Dark Avatar

Add New Grap Pet

Edit Time Skill To 30Min

Holy Recovery Division & Holy Spell & God's Word

Edit Max Stoke In Some Scroll

Super scroll (Evasion 100%) 50

Super scroll (Accuracy 100%) 50

Strength Scroll 50

Intelligence Scroll 50

Invisibility Detection (X-Large) 10000

Have Fun All

New Update V.1.1638

Update To Day.

- Add New Glow Weapon.

- Edit Weapon Effect.

Have Fun For All.

New Update V.1.637

- Up Lucky Rate Drop Book FGW.

- Up Speed Pet Job To 8m.

- Add New Pet Job.

- Up Max Stock Items Trad 5k.

- Inventory Pet Job 1 Slot Now.

- Add Lucky Powder 1st.

R.W Rank Honor

Honor System By So-Ok Can Get For Scroll Honor Point From So-Ok . Can Get For Honor Buff When Use Scroll Honor Point

Honor System Reset Every Day 1 & 16

- R.W Rank Honor Take R.W Every 2 Weeks Top 3 Player Have Point Will Winner R.W Give Every Day 1 & 16 

- 1 : Take 2K Legend Coin

- 2 : Take 1K Legend Coin

- 3 : Take 500 Legend Coin